Believer’s Protection from Attacks as they Wage War

Counter Attack as Christian Soldiers Come Together To Fight Spiritually

Father God, I pray for our wounded soldiers in the war today.  We are standing in the gap for the affected. We are rising up to take our rightful place as soldiers, ruling over the earthly domain, as a people, as a community, as a country and globally.

As a result,  we will not further be affected or further wounded because of the news we hear, regarding members of our families that are now affected, our businesses that is affected, our communities that is affected, our finances that is affected, and our economy and the economy globally.  But as we hear these news we will continue to rise in the mighty power of the Lord. We will continue to share in the goodness of the Lord. We will continue to prophesy. We will continue to trust God and trust him even more. Our minds will not be overwhelmed, our joy will not leak out, and our posture will not fade. We will not get tired but we will be replenished and our minds will be renewed, our creativity will increase and our strategies to war in the spirit will flourish.

I pray especially for the minds of soldiers wounded and not wounded, our peace is restoring, our eyes are opening. I speak life into our members as God had blown breathe into man and he became a living soul. We will not die, we are overcoming, we are conquering, and breaking down barriers and challenges in the spirit. We are staying together and even though we are in distance we are very much together in our spirits.

I pray that the LORD will continue to watch over us and make us bold and courageous and that we will not forget our first love Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, I pray that Jesus would be the first we think about when we wakes up and the last when we  lay our heads down at night. I pray that we will have dreams and visions and that God himself will send angels to protect us and lead us into further truth of his protection and covering, and that troops all around us will be safeguarded.

I pray that the words of Christ will be written in our hearts and that we will remember what the LORD speaks over us and the promises he made to us when we first gave Him our hearts. I pray that we will forget the past mistakes and that we will concentrate on God’s perfect will for our lives and that we will be full of hope, strength, mercy and love for our fellow soldiers and forgiveness toward those who hurt us and whom we may have hurt in this season. Father God, I pray that You will order our steps in Your WORD and that we will follow the The Lord wherever we go and in whatever happens.

We rebuke the enemy and every attack that would come as a result of this great coming together of the soldiers. We renounce all the lies that He would come with and we stand together and repent for any partnership we made knowingly or unknowingly with the enemy in this season and we plead the blood of Jesus in every shady areas and we expose his plans and shake him and his demons out off all illegal places in our lives, the lives of our love ones, the lives of those in our communities and in our governments. Your plans to frustrate us will not prevail, they will crumble and they will not come to life.

Father God, we walk in your promises over our lives to protect, cover, heal, to direct us and we pray that your mind will be in us today. We come into your perfect peace, as we rest on your unchanging grace. Amen

Submitted by:  Debbie Miller-Curtis – Founder/CEO – Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries

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