How It Works

As of writing this March 19, 2020, we have not yet set a date, however, it could possibly be in the next week, because the more we delay, the longer these crisis will remain.  We just need a couple days to get the word out so we can have as much people as possible to join us in this project.

We ask that individuals and Ministries please join our facebook page where we will post all information on this project and be kept up to date.  Facebook Page

We ask persons who own Christian Ministries, if you would like to be partnered with us in praying and interceding on behalf of the nations, we will include your Ministry logo, links and a brief information about your Ministry on our Partners page.  We want to promote your Ministry to all who are a part of this movement.  God wants to use this vehicle to reform, restructure, re-purpose, and rebuild ministries as well.  Please register your ministry on our Registration page.

Once we begin, we will gather corporately on a conference call to conduct all our prayers and live meetings.  I believe we will also conduct live facebook videos as well.

Whilst we serve God in our own spiritual gifts and even through our own Ministries, we will always be connected together by this Project and its Missions, as we tackle one mission at a time.

The current task at hand is MISSION MACEDONIAN CALL.

To prepare for our first Mission, we must first be drafted into it to ensure that we are spiritually ready and understand our rights and be committed to the mission.  The following protocol must be observed.

  • 3 days of fasting (you decide if it will be an absolute fast, or to be broken at 6pm each day)
    • Day one of fasting is repentance of our sins
    • Day 2 of fasting is cleansing our Bloodline DNA’s (more info on this)
    • Day 3 is asking for guidance and protection to move into warfare
  • Mission begins

Stay tuned as we continue to put this Project together.  In the meantime, please join our page on Facebook and share it with others.