Undocumented Immigrants Affected by COVID-19

Prayer for Undocumented Immigrants Affected by CoronaVirus COVID-19

Heavenly Father, The journey through life and in this special season have sometimes been long and hard. We cannot make it alone and we must walk together with you and seek to gain favor from you and men on earth on the journey. We all need a friend.

You promised to send us a Helper, your Spirit in this walk. Help us to see your Spirit in those you send into this journey with us. In the refugee families, seeking safety from violence, let us see your Spirit. In the documented migrant worker, bringing food to our tables, and the undocumented brothers and sisters, who is here in this country at this time, help us to be mindful of them and to be helpful where we are able. Let us see your Holy Spirit in them. We come against the spirit of disparity, hopelessness and anxiety that may come to oppress in this time where everyone is up against this invisible enemy CoronaVirus. I pray that our undocumented communities will draw from their faith, knowing that God will take care of them.

They will not worry themselves to death, they will not drown in their sorrows, they will not be divided as a community but that they will rise up beyond their situation and circumstances and will call upon the God of their salvation, the God who can save all and the God that is Master of all. They will unite in spirits, bodies and souls to God Almighty, Yahweh, Yeshua, Elohim of Elohim and Jehovah.

In the asylum-seekers, seeking justice for themselves and their families, let us see your Holy Spirit. In the unaccompanied child traveling in a dangerous world in this time, let us see your Spirit. Teach us to recognize that as we walk, pray, share, care for, listen, feel with each other, You are present.

As we continue to fight this disease teach us to welcome not only these strangers in our midst but the gifts they bring as well. When we open or arms to hug, when we extend invitations as we converse, when we share in communion, and join in solidarity we do these things in the spirit of diversity. In many cases they are answer to our prayers, help them to know with undoubted assurance they are not alone.

Help them to know that as humans are all in this together on this journey of fighting this CoronaVirus and any other challenges we faced as a people. Father God, for this knowledge we give you thanks in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

Submitted by Debbie Miller-Curtis: CEO/Founder Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries

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